Zyto What?

Two and a half years ago, I had my first Zyto scan experience.  It was my first visit with a new doctor in Orlando, when my health was at its absolute worst.  I honestly don’t remember all the results, but I do remember how I felt about putting my hand on a cradle while a computer generated my nutritional deficiencies. I thought it was complete Bull ca ca.  I received a print out of my results and when my blood work came back a few weeks later, the results matched up perfectly.

Fast forward a year, and I decided to try out a naturopathic doctor close to home.  My initial visit started with….. you guessed it, a Zyto scan.  This time, the supplements and herbs recommended were for inflammation and infection, quite accurate for a Lyme patient.  I started to feel uneasy.  What was with this voodoo craziness?  Was this some kind of psychic reading that would be considered “black magic” by biblical standards?  That’s always been a very confusing, gray area for me.

After further research, I made the personal decision to move forward with a Zyto scan for essential oils.  The scan takes a survey of your body by measuring electrical and energetic fluctuations in your skin. It addresses 76 biomarkers. The dictionary defines a bio-marker as “a specific physical trait used to measure or indicate the effects or progress of a disease or condition”. Biomarkers are used in many scientific fields. I am not a scientist, so I won’t try to explain this further. I know that God made my body and my body is made up of electricity. Everything has a frequency that can be measured. That is as much science as this blond brain can absorb at this point in my life 🙂

Yesterday was the first time I was scanned for Young Living products. I watched several people go before me, and they all seemed pleased with their results. When it was my turn, I filled out a few standard details, including my name, email address and birthdate. I placed my hand on the cradle and after a few minutes, I was literally blown away. The oil and supplements that were recommended for my body could not have been more accurate based on blood work that was recently completed by my doctor. This month when I place my order, I know exactly what to buy. My daughter has Keratosis Polaris and her recommended oils were both for skin conditions. Another family member scanned for a supplement for joint inflammation and he is currently suffering from arthritis.

I know that I will be scanning my Oily Bunch each month so that I have some guidance when it comes to using oils on the kids. How will I scan them every month? I just ordered my own scanner so I can help keep everyone I love on a path towards greater health and wellness, which is why I started using essential oils in the first place!



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