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How Stressed are our Kids?

I am willing to admit, I probably stress my kids out.  Not as much as I stress my husband out, but I’m sure the kids are a close second.  I want my kids to get good grades.  I want my kids to practice their instruments.  I need them to keep their rooms clean, their fishtanks clean and for heaven sakes, themselves clean!  I need my oldest to go to the grocery store for me and drive her brother to hockey practice.  I feel like I’m always barking commands at someone in my house!

I never realized how stressed our kids might be until I got my Zyto Compass.  Now don’t get me wrong, the Zyto is not meant to diagnose, it just tells you what your body may prefer.  I scanned my kids, I scanned my friends’ kids, and I have scanned kids I don’t really know.  I am amazed how often stress seems to be the recurring theme.

I am a true believer that stress is a killer.  It weakens our body’s defense mechanisms, and causes all sorts of other problems.  Stress is a terrible thing!  And yet we as parents are pushing our kids harder than we have ever pushed ourselves.  We are expecting things out of our children that no one ever expected from us.  It’s not enough that our kids play baseball or hockey….  no, they need private coaching lessons in addition to the four days a week they are already practicing, and just to make it worse, let’s make these sessions before school, at 5 am.  And it’s probably not enough that my child plays an instrument in the band at school.  I should probably sink huge sums of money into extra private lessons, even though my child hates to practice.

Don’t get me wrong, I want my kids to be successful and happy.  I don’t want lazy kids who do nothing except play video games and watch television all day.  But what ever happened to letting our kids have time to go out and play?  Why can’t they have time to be kids?  Who are all these lessons for?  If you have a kid who is driven and loves every minute of what they do, that’s awesome.  But if your kid (like mine) begs to skip lessons because he is so tired, because he has so much homework, because he doesn’t even want to take those lessons anyway, it may be time to reevaluate.

Our kids are stressed.  I know kids who throw up on their way to baseball games because they are so nervous about playing well.  What happened to “it’s a game”?  Parents, please stop trying to live vicariously through your children!  You had your chance.  We are leading our children down a path straight to therapy.  Sure, they will know how to push themselves.  They will know how to practice and work hard.  But will they know how to be happy, and satisfied?  Will they know how to relax?  Will they know that they are good enough?  If they aren’t good enough for us, their parents, they will never feel like they are good enough for anyone else, including themselves.

Now slap some Stress Away on your kids and let them go PLAY!



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