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As I’m sure you may have noticed, the interest in more natural, non-toxic products has been skyrocketing! Consumers are anxious to remove toxic products from every area of their lives. We are hearing more about clean eating, cleaning our homes with natural, chemical-free products and finding safe alternatives to dangerous, OTC and prescription medications, which often come with side effects worse than the original ailment!


A little over a year ago, I had 99 bottles of supplements and prescription medications in my kitchen pantry due to a Lyme diagnosis (which had then resulted in hormonal, adrenal and GI issues). I had been on antibiotics for over a year with little relief and more unpleasant side effects. I had been researching many alternative options for my father’s health challenges and had read wonderful testimonials about using essential oils to support the immune system and other body systems. We had incorporated them into his regimen, but I had not incorporated them into mine, perhaps due to fear that they wouldn’t work for me like they were for him.


I remember the day I decided I had waited long enough. I went to the computer and started researching. I attended oil classes offered nearby (by different EO companies). I am a hard sell, so I continued to research for a few months and then ordered my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.


I hear it over and over again… “I don’t know why I waited so long”! It was the best decision I ever made. I have become a passionate user and advocate. There is a reason Young Living has been around for 20 years. There is a reason that 4 of my family’s MEDICAL DOCTORS recommend them or actually use them in their practices (including my Lyme specialist now). There is a reason why Young Living is adding 100,000 new members each month.


When you make the decision to sign up for a Wholesale membership account, it costs you NOTHING. You can choose to order a starter kit (my personal favorite is the Premium Starter Kit, pictured below. It is valued at $300. You pay $160 and get a diffuser, 11 oils and many samples). In addition, you will enjoy 24% off retail prices on every order going forward, with a minimum spend of $50 in a YEAR. You also have the choice to utilize the Essential Reward program and earn up to an additional 20% in free product, as well as monthly promotions. The best part… my team offers second-to-none online training that you can do at your leisure. You will also have my personal support, whether you spend $50 a year, or if you want to build your own business and earn a pretty significant income! In addition to the online training and support available, we also get together face-to-face to share tips, stories and to ask our questions.

When I joined Young Living, I had NO intention to sell, host classes, or do anything other than use the products myself. I have been so impressed that I have built a team of over 60 in six short months. The best part of what I do is hearing the testimonials and seeing the joy on people’s faces when they tell me, “I diffused Peace and Calming and my baby slept all night” or “My immune system has never been as strong as it has since I started using Thieves oil”.


Let me help you make this investment in your health today! Email me at or visit me at  I would love to have you as part of my Oily Bunch!


I promise, the only thing you will wonder after you do is why you didn’t look into it sooner!

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